Annual Report

In 2018, women and men the world over came together to stand up for gender rights. From the TIME’S UP movement to the historic number of women running for elected office in the U.S. to global movements for equal pay and representation across industries, their message was clear. The time for incremental change is over.

The HBA was no exception. We’ve been on a mission to bring people and organizations together to further the advancement and impact of women in the business of healthcare for decades. With guidance from our global board and advisory board, 2018 marked the culmination of years of strategic planning and implementation as we stepped fully into our bold new identity as a united force for change.

We know that the only path to achieving gender parity—and to solving today’s complex healthcare challenges—is a united one and that the time for change is now. Undergirded by the guiding principles of radical hospitality, professional enrichment, business growth and inclusion, we are connecting diverse groups of men and women across healthcare and life sciences in a relentless pursuit of gender parity and its power to advance individuals and strengthen corporations.

This year, we welcomed our 10,000th member into the HBA community. Beyond growing our community, we expanded programming to offer greater diversity of educational offerings to meet the needs of members today and in the future. During this year of transition, we fully implemented our new operational model, organizing chapters under eight regions to more quickly unite diverse minds and organizations around the world and better support our volunteer leaders so they can focus on driving our mission forward.

One of our proudest achievements includes the launch of the Gender Parity Collaborative, a gamechanging initiative that has convened leading healthcare and life sciences organizations to take on the environmental and systemic changes needed to accelerate change, to move women further, faster.

If you’re a current member, partner or supporter, we thank you. If you’re not yet part of the HBA community, we welcome you. Together we are a united force for change that can achieve gender parity and transform our industry for the improvement of healthcare by a more diverse and inclusive environment.

Rebecca Vermeulen, HBA global board chair
Laurie Cooke, RPh, CAE, HBA president and CEO

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