Meet Barbara Barrett

Barbara Barrett
Industry and competitive intelligence team leader
HBA chapter: Research Triangle Park
Current role with the HBA: HBA Southeast region chair



Volunteering has impacted my career by enabling me to have leadership experiences outside of work and grow by applying transferrable skills or parallel experiences from the HBA to work and back. The parallel learning is an accelerator for me much like previous experiences I've had completing my master degrees while working and living in other countries. I call it exponential growth and I love it.
In addition volunteering with the HBA has given me the experience of working with smart dynamic women and men. I work with so many different teams. This experience has taught me how to quickly determine what people need to operate independently and it has helped to build my own coaching skills to help others get out of their own way and move forward.
My favorite HBA event is the Woman of the Year. I saw and heard in detail so many women and men with amazing stories who were honored for their work and impact they are making. It was also a place where we clearly saw women and men collaborating for gender parity and elevating women into more leadership positions. 

My employer encourages me to volunteer for the HBA because sponsoring and supporting employee growth is imperative for the organization and retention. With the HBA, the personal and professional growth is evident. The opportunity is there—you just need to get involved, know what you want to achieve and ask for it.

I first learned about the HBA when I was working at Parata Systems and a colleague, Gayle Tuttle, suggested I get involved with the HBA. I had just designed my first competitive intelligence program and, in my prior role as product manager, spent time with clients in retail and long-term care pharmacy who needed to navigate the changing healthcare landscape to achieve business success. I knew that my intelligence program had to include a broader scope of the healthcare industry that included impact to pharmacy. So I started looking for organizations that were engaged in healthcare and provided networking opportunities.

My favorite part of volunteering for the HBA is seeing the impact of women navigating their careers with power and having a community at my fingertips to call on for anything. Volunteering with the HBA has expanded my network by leaps and bounds. I have HBA colleagues I can call on all over the world for connections, career advice and support. 

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