Meet Menorca Chaturvedi

Menorca Chaturvedi
Researcher (Biomedical data analysis)
HBA chapter: Basel, Switzerland
Current role with the HBA: HBA Europe director, social media



I volunteer for the united force for change because gender parity is a critical issue and one that affects us all across different industries. Every small step can lead to big changes, and I want to do my bit to bring about awareness and call for change. 

Since becoming an HBA member and volunteer, I have become much more aware of several issues that people go through on a daily basis and concepts related to gender disparity and unconscious bias that I wasn’t really familiar with. I have had many interesting discussions, made good friends and learnt to be bolder and more confident. I’m grateful for being a part of such a passionate and vibrant community and look forward to learning more while being part of the united force for change. 

I first got involved with the HBA when I came across a ‘Women in Science’ themed event and was immediately hooked. I didn’t really waste much time after that and got in touch with the chapter for volunteering. 

Volunteering with the HBA has impacted my career by developing my leadership skills, networking with like-minded people and gaining hands-on experience that I can use to transition into my next role. 

Forming further bonds, developing skills by actively being involved in work you might not be doing in your current full-time role and having the freedom to see your ideas take shape are just a few of the benefits. And, all of this while working for an important issue that has a global impact. 

Volunteering has expanded my network by giving me a platform to meet other passionate men and women in the healthcare industry who are willing to share their experiences, insights and help each other grow. 

Volunteering with the HBA has given me the opportunity to network with professionals from the healthcare industry and build lasting relationships while getting incredible insights from senior leaders. As a member, I also enjoy participating in discussions on the internal community platform. It is a great way to subscribe to different committees, affinity groups and chapters to stay updated with developments in the global community.

The most valuable lesson I learned from a fellow volunteer is how believing in someone and giving them a little nudge can go a long way in their personal or professional development. 

Follow me as I takeover the HBA social media accounts on 11 April.