New England Region

HBA New England Regional Group Mentoring Program

2020 program closed. Registration for 2021 will open on 4 January.

If you’re an industry leader – or want to become one – here’s your chance. Join us for our 15th year and become one of the over 1,200 women who have connected, shared and grown together tackling workplace challenges, setting career goals for tomorrow and taking real steps to achieve a difference in their careers, lives and industries.

Survey data provided during the application process is used to match small groups called circles together pairing two mentors with four to five mentees. These small groups meet every three to four weeks for the duration of the eight-month program (March-October). Each group functions independently setting their own meeting frequency, agenda and ground rules. 

View recordings from the very successful mentoring Lunch and Learn event that happened in December 2019:

The HBA New England group mentoring program offers the following choice of locales for in-person meetings of mentoring groups:

  • Boston, MA (including Cambridge)
  • Waltham, MA
  • Marlborough, MA
  • Fairfield County, CT

Most groups meet in person; however, the New England Region will offer a limited number of virtual groups in 2020. These groups have the same format but meets by Webex, Skype, Google Groups etc. The group is self-directed and must be committed and technologically adept.

This is a members-only program.

Check out the frequently asked questions (FAQ) documents for more detailed information about becoming a mentor or mentee.

“It’s one of the most rewarding things I have ever done.” – Past Mentor

“It was a valuable opportunity to meet like-minded women and be able to talk about issues and questions with people who didn’t work at the same place, and work through challenges and potential solutions.”   – Past Mentee 

“Meeting professionals of all ages and work experience, coming together to be kind and supportive of each other in a safe setting… We are being judged every day, so to find a program that lets us all "exhale" and admit our fears and challenges is worthwhile beyond words.” – Past Mentee

Other Ways to Get Involved in the Mentoring Program (Outside of Becoming a Mentor/Mentee)

Become a connector: Mentoring connectors stay in touch with participants, share resources and best practices, help resolve rising issues as needed and collect feedback on the program experience. Connectors attend all the mentoring program events for free. Past mentees or mentors make particularly good connectors. Email us to volunteer. 

Join the Mentoring Program Committee: This leading-edge, high energy committee is a great group with which to learn more about mentoring, take a leadership role, share your expertise and enjoy working with other women who are “paying it forward.” Many roles are available with varying time commitments. 

We look forward to sharing this special journey with you.

Dawn Kumiega – 2020 co-director HBA New England Regional Mentoring
Lisa Wittenhagen – 2020 co-director HBA New England Regional Mentoring