HBA Florida Fit to Lead testimonial: Teresa Przetocki

Teresa Przetocki, owner, She Finds Her SuperPower, LLC.

There have been two constant themes throughout my life: fitness and leadership. From a young age, my parents always had my siblings and I in some kind of team or individual sport, emphasizing the value of physical activity in overall performance. In high school, I became captain of my volleyball team learning more about myself as a leader and team member. Once in college, I began working full-time and realized how important fitness was to my overall endurance in daily life and studies. I started to dabble in the triathlon world with a few sprints, and then in 2010, completed the St. Anthony’s Triathlon. A few years later, I ran a half-marathon. 
The past few years, I have focused on growing my family and my business as a women’s wellbeing coach and worksite wellness consultant. With a one and three-year-old plus a demanding work schedule, I am limited on my fitness time. I have found that running, high intensity workouts, and yoga fit into my current training routine best. I decided to join the HBA’s Fit to Lead program as a team leader to learn more about how I can show up as a leader for myself and others all while being supported and supporting women with similar values. I am honored, grateful and excited about this journey and a new chance to reach down within to create something strong and beautiful without.
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