HBA Greater Toronto Area (GTA) 2020 Event Calendar

We are committed to creating an organization that is uniquely positioned to elevate women in healthcare and become the premier community for personal and professional development. Join us as a member, mentor or volunteer and make your mark.

You asked we plan to deliver. Events in 2020 have been developed to meet the most popular requests from our valued community: professional development, career learnings from leaders and networking.

Save the Date

11-12 March: Professional development live workshop: “You’re Not My Type”

  • You’re a cut-to-the-chase person who needs to influence detail-oriented folks or you are the detail-oriented person with a 10-minute window to engage your audience. Do you feel there are people that you just can’t connect with? Or can’t figure out how? Learn to craft your communication for success.

2 April: HBA chapter launch event: “Defy the Odds”

  • In one short year, HBA Greater Toronto Area has managed to curate an incredible new community to elevate women in healthcare
  • If you are in the business of healthcare… pharma, biotech, medical device, medical communications, hospital administration, bedside clinical work, patient advocacy, entrepreneur, healthcare technology, etc. Join us for an evening of inspirational career journeys, powerful insights and forging connections.

21 May: Members-only networking with leaders workshop: “Driven to Succeed"

  • Interested in moving up the ladder but haven’t had the opportunity to speak with today’s healthcare leaders? This exclusive speed-networking evening will offer the opportunity to engage with leaders across the industry and identify those pivotal next steps to success.
  • An evening of structured round tables with top experts across the healthcare sector. Here is your chance to ask your burning questions and elevate your career in 2020.

May-Sept (dates TBD): Small group networking events across GTA: HB8s & New Mom Meetups

  • Looking to connect with others beyond a quick introduction or discussion at a large networking event? Keep an eye out for our HB8s and New Mom-Meetups. Both offer unique small-group networking opportunities to build long-lasting connections

June (2nd week): Hot topic presentation & networking: “Feeling On Fire: A Guide for Women Leaders Intent on Regaining a Sense of Resilience and Well-being”

  • Leaders everywhere are being asked to do more with less and many are worn out and just putting one foot in front of the other to get through the day. Long gone are the days when you came home excited and energized from a day at work. Wouldn’t it be great to rediscover that enthusiasm and energy so you come away feeling on fire again?
  • Hear Laura Macdougall share her own story of resilience as an inspiration to rediscover your sense of enthusiasm and well-being and come away with practical strategies you can implement right away to reignite your fire. 

July: Professional development workshop: “Power at the Podium”

  • Does the word ‘podium’ terrify you? Do you prepare all night and then freeze right before you go on? Maybe you’re the boss of winging-it or the queen of last-minute-prep. Perhaps you’d rather eat a ball of aluminum foil than give a presentation. Conquer your fear and present like a pro.

 Mid-Sept: Professional development workshop: “Don’t Pray for Progress”

  • We’ve all been in that meeting – you know – the one that either goes in circles or goes nowhere. You leave wondering what was accomplished. Don’t leave running an impactful meeting to chance. Don’t pray for progress – join us to learn how to facilitate for success.
  • Hone your facilitation skills in this hands-on live workshop

22 October: Expert Panel: “Future of Health”

  • There is much debate as to what will be the next big technology or trend to change healthcare. At the current rate of technological advancement, the future of healthcare should prove quite interesting. Our expert panelists will offer their perspectives on the future of healthcare in digital, robotics and artificial intelligence.

November (date TBD): Networking: “HBA Gives Back” 

  • Building a community goes beyond business. HBA members are invited to join the HBA GTA board in giving back at this ShoeBox Project Networking Event. The Shoebox Project collects and distributes gift-filled shoeboxes to women impacted by homelessness – a powerful reminder that they are not forgotten; are valued members of the community.