HBA Greater Toronto Area (GTA) 2020 Professional Development Series

Workshop 1: Self-Marketing for Pros (20-21 Jan. 2020)

Thank you to Sanofi Genzyme for their generous support and sponsorship. 


On a cold winter's night, expert coach and trainer Liz Radzick led these engaged groups to raise the bar on how to share their skills and talents in a way that invites dialogue and connection (no bragging happened here). They came, they saw, they shared their stories, breathed deeply and supported each other to shine when the question "What have you been up to lately?" was posed. 

If your answer to this question is the default "It's been busy," Liz encourages a different approach. The next time you get this question, respond by:

  1. Making a positive statement
    • It’s been a really interesting week for me for two reasons
    • I’m really enjoying working on this new project
    • I’m happy about a problem that I just solved for my department
  2. Telling an interesting story
    • Brief and detailed description using action words (google action verbs for ideas)
    • Be specific
  3. Stating the benefits
    • Saved money/time/resources
    • Pioneered a new process to make us more competitive
    • Uncovered problems that were holding us back

This approach engages others, feels authentic and gets you noticed. Give it a try and let us know how it goes- we would love to hear from you

What’s next?

Check out our website for additional live interactive small group workshops to be held throughout the year.

March 2020: You’re Not My Type: Craft your communication to connect with everyone
June 2020: Strategies for Stress: Successfully managing the demands of life
September 2020: Don’t Pray for Progress: Facilitating for Success

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