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Meet HBA Member Marie-Flore Nabor Ph.D.

Marie-Flore is the general manager for Abbott Diabetes Care. She has a Doctor of Philosophy in physical chemistry from Université de Bordeaux and an MBA in marketing, finance and strategy from The University of Chicago Booth School of Business.

Before moving to Toronto in the summer of 2019, Marie-Flore was working at Astra-Zeneca as VP of strategy international and as head of global commercial capability in the USA. Marie-Flore was previously an active member of the HBA in Chicago and Basel (Switzerland).

Although Marie-Flore devotes most of her time to work, she spends her leisure time with family and friends. Staying healthy and giving back to the community is also important to her, especially through the mentoring of young women.

Marie-Flore is inspired by her mother. She credits her mother as the driving force behind her desire to excel. Her mother was fearless and believed that nothing was impossible. In Marie-Flore’s words, “Every time I’m in an uncomfortable situation, I think about how fearless my mother was and push a little more. I will always find a way. If one thing doesn’t work, try something else.” Her favorite quote is from her mother – “No never killed anybody. Don’t be scared of no”. People may say no to your request, but don’t let that deter you.

When asked what she has learned recently, Marie-Flore notes that it is important to continuously adapt, create and innovate. Innovation is possible in everything we do and necessary for continued success – both personally and professionally.