The HBA NY/NJ region affinity programs

Careers in Transition (CIT)

The HBA NY/NJ region CIT affinity group provides growth and networking opportunities for individuals in the pharmaceutical, medical device, diagnostics or related healthcare industries who are currently in transition for any reason, are considering making a career change in the near future or are looking to enhance skills to gain advancement (promotion) in the workplace.

Regular teleconferences occur based on member interest. During the calls, group members support each other in evaluating and developing strategies to implement career transitions. On any call, we may share intelligence on companies, discuss professional roles, review education and skill-building opportunities, update job leads and discuss job search strategies. In-person meetings will occur periodically, and the frequency, location and topics are decided and planned by group members.

If you would like to join HBA NY/NJ region CIT, or have any questions, please contact us.

Fit to lead (FTL)

HBA Fit to Lead NY/NJ aims to provide a variety of activities throughout the year to help prepare you for tough challenges and emerge stronger leaders. Events are designed to appeal to the athlete and non-athlete in all of us - with the goal of improving you physically, mentally, and nutritionally. Each event will have networking opportunities in the non-traditional setting. So come hustle for that muscle. Learn more.

HBA Women in Science Affinity Group (WIS)

The mission of the women in science (WIS) initiative is to provide women in scientific roles with professional support for their full and equal career advancement, through interactive, empowering, educational, professional development programs and a platform within the HBA organization that welcomes and facilitates their effective networking and collaboration. Our membership includes women with an MD, PhD, PharmD, RN, RPh or other medical/scientific degree and/or women working in a research, medical or regulatory function within the healthcare industry.

Fundamental differences exist between the professional development needs of women in scientific roles, those with scientific backgrounds in non-traditional roles, and the general HBA membership; this variety of needs is a trend that is mirrored throughout the healthcare industry. There is strong consensus across HBA members with scientific or clinical backgrounds regarding the benefits of programming specific to their needs. These programs provide opportunities to network with successful women in scientific and non-scientific functions, facilitate the development of critical cross-functional skills and provide a broader understanding of the professional options for women scientists in the healthcare industry. Women in scientific roles remain one of the fastest-growing segments within HBA. The Women in Science initiative demonstrates how the HBA has continued to evolve over the last 30 years to better meet the needs of its membership. By providing WIS-specific programming, the HBA creates increased opportunities for participation by members both in and from scientific and clinical roles and backgrounds in the healthcare industry.

We are in active conversations with academic institutions, pharma/biotech companies, the FDA, and others from the NY/NJ scientific community to bring you up-to-date topics.

For more information please contact us.

HBA Tomorrow's Executives - Young Professionals Affinity Group (TENJ/TENY)

The tomorrow's executives - young professionals affinity group is dedicated to providing a supportive environment that encourages the professional development of young women in the healthcare industry. Our mission is to promote the professional advancement of young women through the following measures:

  • Socialization: Providing a welcoming atmosphere for young professionals new to the industry.
  • Education: Directing strategically developed seminars conducted by industry leaders.
  • Networking: Guiding formal networking sessions to sharpen interpersonal skills.
  • Training: Conducting interactive workshops that focus on developing career skills.
  • Mentoring: Facilitating mentoring relationships by promoting exchange between accomplished HBA NY/NJ region members and young women.

For more information, please contact us.

HBA Women in Finance Affinity Group (WIF)

The women in finance affinity group (WIF) seeks to provide HBA NY/NJ regionmembers who have a background and/or interest in finance a place to network, educate and grow. In today's tumultuous economic times, women will continue to play a significant role across all spectrums of change, recovery and progress. Our mission is to benefit members by providing an opportunity to gain entry into finance, as well as promoting their advancement and helping them to maintain a presence in the financial sector.

For more information, please contact us.

Women in Healthcare Information Technology Affinity Group (WHIT)

The women in healthcare IT affinity group (WHIT) brings together women with technology backgrounds who work in the healthcare industry. Our mission is to provide HBA NY/NJ region members in healthcare IT with professional support in order to promote successful career development. This is accomplished through interactive development programs aimed at empowering members by providing a platform that facilitates effective networking and opportunities for collaboration, knowledge exchange and benchmarking.

For more information, please contact us.

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