Woman Of The Year

Dr. Julie Gerberding of Merck & Co., Inc., named 2018 Woman of the Year by the Healthcare Businesswomen’s Association

The Healthcare Businesswomen’s Association (HBA) 2018 Woman of the Year (WOTY) will be formally recognized at the 29th annual HBA Woman of the Year event in New York City, on Thursday, 3 May, 2018. Nearly 2,500 leaders across the industry celebrate the year's honorees during the WOTY event that includes an inspiring luncheon program and innovative networking opportunities. The event is a stellar opportunity for companies to showcase their talent and their support for the advancement of women within their own organization. It is through the progress of gender parity in our industry that we will move the needle on the representation of women at the senior most levels and the resulting positive business outcomes. Also lauded will be the Honorable Mentor, the HBA STAR, as well as a group of nearly 100 Rising Stars and Luminaries representing excellence in leadership from across the industry.

The HBA Woman of the Year (WOTY) award is the healthcare and life sciences industries' premier award and a role model for excellence in leadership. Whether the WOTY works for a large company, an entrepreneur, or leads a smaller organization, the common denominator is that she is an inspiration to all because of her executive presence, inspirational nature, leadership style, business savvy, strong network, and track record of nurturing and advancing top talent. Our WOTY is supportive of the HBA and its core purpose to further the advancement and impact of women in the business of healthcare.

Even though the WOTY maintains an extremely demanding schedule in her own organization, WOTYs traditionally participate in a number of ways with the HBA throughout the year. WOTY candidates should plan to participate in the following:

  • WOTY luncheon 3 May, 2018 with receptions pre- and post-luncheon at the New York Hilton Midtown
  • Preparatory and ancillary WOTY events:
    • three preparatory teleconferences prior to the event
    • in-person rehearsal session the afternoon of 2 May, 2018 at the New York Hilton Midtown
    • invitation-only evening events with past award winners the evening of 2 May, 2018 in NYC
  • HBA Advisory Board member
  • Attend and/or speak at HBA global webinars, chapter programs, and the Annual Conference in November 2018

Submissions are reviewed by an awards selection committee composed of seasoned industry executives with a history of dedication to the HBA mission. Each committee member reviews the submissions and independently ranks candidates against defined criteria. The outcome of the committee’s decision will be shared with the named key contact by email.

Some best practices regarding WOTY nominations:

  • Complete the information sheet and collect references from people familiar with the WOTY candidate.
  • There is no right or wrong length or format of the submission beyond the need to sufficiently address:
    • The candidate’s leadership attributes, her track record of nurturing and advancing women, her inspirational persona, and the impact she’s had on individuals, organizations and the healthcare industry.
    • References should be testimonials from multiple people at different levels of the organization–direct reports, colleagues, senior corporate leaders–as well as other leaders in the industry.
    • Instances of how the candidate serves the industry such as volunteer roles and board service.
    • Examples of the candidate’s ability to speak in both large and small audiences where she inspires listeners through effective storytelling and thought leadership.
    • Confirmation that she has a compelling personal story that supports her “star power” impact.
  • We are interested in a broad diversity of candidates and encourage nominations that demonstrate a variety of profiles, e.g. geography, industry, company size, functional area.
  • The completed information sheet with supporting letters of references should be submitted together–ideally as one document–by an individual serving as the key contact.
  • Additional documentation in a variety of media are welcome, e.g. videos and web-based documentation.
  • All contact from the HBA will be made with the named key contact.
  • For those who wish to re-nominate a previous WOTY award candidate, please complete the information sheet and confirm that we are able to use previously submitted references.
  • The nomination should be submitted to WOTY@HBAnet.org by Friday, 27 October, 2017.
  • If you have questions regarding the nomination requirements or the potential for your company to be an HBA Corporate Partner or WOTY event sponsor, please contact Theresa Straub.